One of the Most Powerful Affirmations Ever Devised

“Every day and in every way I’m getting better and better” -- Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie

You are beautiful in every way

Often, we are our own worst enemies. We have a tendency to think negative ideas, and these bad thoughts eventually take their toll. They contaminate our perceptions of the world. This can be countered by autosuggestion or affirmations.

Affirmations is a positive thinking technique that involves constantly repeating a thoughtfully formatted statement to oneself. To be effective, the affirmation must be present, precise, personal, and positive. People have been clamoring for more affirmations to help them better their lives since the Law of Attraction series and The Secret popularized it.

The Father of Autosuggestion

Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie (26 February 1857 – 2 July 1926) was a French psychologist and pharmacist who popularized the use of optimistic autosuggestion in psychotherapy and self-improvement.

Coué found that in some situations, praising the efficacy of a medicine to the patient could boost its efficacy. In comparison to patients to whom he said nothing, he saw that those to whom he commended the drug showed a significant improvement. This sparked Coué's interest in hypnosis and the power of the imagination.

Hypnosis was his first strategy for treating people. He observed that people could not be hypnotized against their will, and that the effects of hypnosis faded once they regained awareness.

Source: Wikipedia - Emile Coue de la Chataigneraie

Coué was a firm believer in the therapeutic effects of drugs. However, he also believed that our mental state might influence and possibly increase the effects of these drugs. He discovered that by actively adopting autosuggestion, his patients were able to treat themselves more quickly by replacing their "thought of disease" with a fresh "thought of cure."

Repeating words or images enough times, according to Coué, causes the subconscious to absorb them. The remedies were accomplished via the use of imagination or "positive autosuggestion" rather than one's own willpower.

Coué devised a system based on the notion that any idea that occupies the mind solely becomes reality, but only to the extent that it is within the realm of possibility. A person lacking hands, for example, will be unable to regrow them.

However, if a person is convinced that his or her asthma is fading, this may be the case, as long as the body is physically capable of overcoming or controlling the sickness. Negative thoughts regarding the sickness, on the other hand (for example, "I'm not feeling well") will encourage both the mind and the body to adopt this belief.

Similarly, if someone can't remember a name, they're unlikely to remember it as long as they keep this notion (i.e. "I can't remember") in their head. Coué realized that it is more effective to concentrate on and visualize the intended, good outcomes (i.e. "I feel healthy and energetic" and "I can remember clearly").

The biggest barrier to autosuggestion, according to Coué, is volition. The patient must stop from forming any autonomous judgments in order for the approach to succeed, which means he must not allow his will to force its own opinions on positive concepts. Everything must be done to ensure that the patient consciously accepts the positive "autosuggestive" concept; otherwise, the patient may have the opposite consequence of what is sought.

Patients of all kinds would come to see him because of his technique, which Coué once referred to as his "trick." Coué claimed to have achieved biological changes through autosuggestion, albeit noting that he was not primarily a healer but rather one who taught others to heal themselves.

C. (Cyrus) Harry Brooks (1890–1951), author of several books on Coué, stated that his method had a 93 percent success rate.

Unlike the popular view that having a strong conscious will is the greatest way to succeed, Coué believes that some of our problems require a shift in our unconscious mentality, which can only be accomplished by employing our imagination.

Couéism, or the Coué technique, is the application of his mantra-like conscious autosuggestion, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." It has also been translated from French as "Day by day, in every manner, I'm getting better and better."

The Coué approach concentrated on a daily practice of repeating this specific expression according to a specific ritual—ideally twenty times a day, and especially at the start and conclusion of each day.

Affirmations are an excellent method to keep inspired. Many people become inspired at first, but then lose steam and drive after a short period of time. Here's a huge collection of motivating and positive thinking affirmations that you can use or teach to your followers: Inspiration Station