Everything a Wholesaler Needs To Be Successful!

Are you sure that you have all of the forms that you need to get paid at closing? Find out now!

Wholesaling real estate can be an exciting and very lucrative venture. It is the greatest thrill to find that incredible deal and then put the paperwork together to make it happen. Getting that first wholesale check at the closing is a wonderful feeling!

Many new wholesalers are eager and motivated to get started flipping houses right away. They will scour YouTube to watch videos and attend webinars in hopes of the learning the basic knowledge that is needed to make money wholesaling houses. However, when it comes to the paperwork, many wholesalers are at a lost on what they need and how to fill the paperwork out; and if you don't have the right paperwork submitted to the title company, you can easily lose out on your anticipated profits.

The business of real estate is all about paperwork and contracts. A property is considered sold when both parties sign a contract called the purchase agreement. Even at the closing, the sale is not final until all paperwork is signed by both parties. Paperwork is the essential element in real estate transactions. If you don't have the right paperwork, or it isn't prepared properly and submitted in a timely fashion, then the transaction will not go through or you can be left out of the transaction completely.

After working with wholesalers over the years and painfully watched as some of them were completely barred from getting paid (even after doing all the work to put the deal together), simply because they did not know what paperwork they needed to submit to the title company to get a check at the closing.

The horror stories of hearing wholesalers who have put in all of the work to make a deal happen and then being promised by an agent or seller that they will meet them after the closing with cash, only to be stood up and left hanging. Hearing the heartbreak and discouragement in their voices because they were essentially screwed out of thousands of dollars because they did not know or did not know how to fill out and submit the right paperwork...

For this reason, I have put together the 'Ready, Set, Wholesale Kit!'. This is the most complete real estate wholesaling kit available including contracts, scripts, templates, eBooks, reports and more! In addition, you will also receive access to my 14 module intensive real estate training course called 'How To Invest In Real Estate The Right Way!' ($97 value). You simply cannot not lose with this combination!

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