Are Your Old Beliefs Keeping You Trapped?

"You Have To Let It All Go, Neo - Fear, Doubt, And Disbelief. Free Your Mind!" -- Morpheus

Take a hard look at your life, including your friends, loved ones, job, and even your health, if you've ever wondered what sorts of ideas you have stashed away in your unconscious that silently impact your choices.

Your current circumstances mirror your views about what you are willing to accept and tolerate. This is the crucial distinction between individuals who live abundantly happy lives and those who do not.

People who stay in abusive relationships, work at professions they don't enjoy, or struggle financially, for example, do so because of their beliefs.

However, there are people in society who will never accept being treated unfairly, living in poverty, or working in professions that do not make full use of their abilities.

These are the individuals who stand out from the crowd: entrepreneurs, pioneers, and leaders who refuse to let others' ideas define how they live their lives.

They do this not because they are superior or talented to others, but because their beliefs prevent them from doing otherwise.

It's crucial to remember that we're all active participants in the formation of our belief systems, even while we're sensitive to outside influences.

"The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future." --Alyson Noel

These beliefs become the rulebook that governs the course of our lives after they are imprinted on our unconscious mind. All of your accomplishments and failures, then, are influenced in some manner by this unwritten set of laws.

Whatever you want to accomplish, whether it's mastering a talent, learning a subject, or overcoming an illness, your success will be determined by a single factor: the unconscious beliefs that make up your book of rules.

Much of the trouble you have in life stems from the inner turmoil you feel when you make a new decision that goes against the set of life rules you've constructed and then forgotten.

To put a stop to this fight and take control of your own destiny, you must first overcome your unconscious beliefs.