A Simple Tool To Increase Motivation

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” — Dalai Lama

High levels of motivation are required to regularly and continually produce our finest work.

We can strive for excellence and attain our objectives with high levels of motivation. It's considerably more difficult (if not impossible) to reach our goals if we don't have motivation. Almost everyone has a loss of motivation from time to time, depending on the conditions of life. We must get beyond these lulls and re-establish our motivation as soon as possible.

Learn how to use a simple technique to boost your motivation below.

Many individuals link the color green with productivity and creativity, according to studies.

They are inspired by creativity when they see the color green, owing to their associations with growth and rebirth.

As a result, if you're feeling depressed and unmotivated, you should see more green-colored objects to boost your motivation levels. “Where do I go to see more green?” you might wonder. “Outside,” is the answer. Take a walk in the woods, breathe in some fresh air, and take in the scenery.

Take a walk through a forest or along a hiking trail and notice the many types of trees and plants that surround you.

"Nature and wisdom never are at strife." --Plutarch

This practice will help you bring your motivation back up to where it needs to be in order to produce your best work and achieve your goals.

You'll start by getting out of your chair and moving around; just doing this will get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing. Second, you'll receive some fresh air, which will help you refocus your attention on the tasks at hand. Third, you'll take a break from the chores you're working on, giving yourself a break and allowing you to return to them with fresh eyes. Fourth, you'll see a lot of green around you, which will motivate you to work harder to finish the activities and reach the goals you set for yourself.

As you can see, if your motivation is waning, take a break, go for a stroll outside, and be in nature.

The fresh air and exercise will assist to rejuvenate your mind to take on the issues you are confronting, while the green trees, plants, and bushes will aid to inspire your creativity.

By taking advantage of nature's "green," you can re-energize your motivation so that you can constantly produce your finest work and achieve your goals.