5 Motivational Hacks From The Rich, Famous and Powerful

"The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be."-- Horace Bushnell

Have you ever desired to be extremely successful?

There is no such thing as a secret recipe. It's just a matter of putting in the effort and staying motivated. DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR GOAL. If you put in the effort on a daily basis. You will eventually succeed if you are single-minded in your determination and DO NOT GIVE UP.

Still don't believe me? You will in a moment, after reading the motivational tips from these rich, famous and powerful celebrities below. These extraordinary people are role models for success, innovation, and determination.

However, they also demonstrate that the path to success is not that unique - that they employed common approaches and encountered many of the same problems that we experience.

If you learn from them, you can achieve things that are beyond your wildest dreams too.

1. Have A Singular Goal – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt one of the world's most successful people. Arnie not only got in top form and gained a lot of muscle, but he also became the highest-paid movie actor of his time and the governor of California.

That's a lot of accomplishment for a guy who grew up in a little Austrian village with a heavy accent to contend with!

How did he pull it off? Simple: he put in a lot of effort. Arnie describes how he would practice for hours at a time, run enterprises, and attend night school to improve his English. He was able to do all of this for one and only one reason: he had a single aim that he was completely dedicated to.

He claimed that every grueling rep was worthwhile since he knew he would be one step closer to his ultimate goal at the end of each one. He was getting closer to becoming Mr. Olympia with each curl and press.

2. Practice The Same Kick 1,000 Times – Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee has stated that he has no fear of a man who has practiced 1,000 different kicks at the same time. Bruce Lee feared the man who practiced one kick a thousand times.

To put it another way, Bruce Lee "feared" (or at least respected) mastery. Bruce was enamored with individuals who had spent many hours honing and perfecting their technique. This is what we can all hope for and what we should all strive for.

This refers to a fitness concept known as "greasing the groove." Essentially, the assumption here is that if you train a movement or a pattern every day, it will become increasingly engrained with each attempt. It will eventually become second nature to you, and you will become faster, stronger, more efficient, more capable as a result.

So, while perfect mastery may seem far away at this point, remember that each try is merely one of a thousand reps. That each try improves you by a small amount. Eventually, you’ll be a master.

3. Nonreactivity – Navy SEALS

Navy SEALS go through hell on a daily basis, and that's just in training (in fact their most grueling test is actually called hell week). They do this to prepare their bodies and minds for the types of scenarios in which they will be required to perform when fighting conflicts.

So, how do they deal with it? They employ a mental trick known as nonreactivity as one of their tactics. This simply means not to react to negative news, worry, anxiety, or setbacks.

This has a lot in common with Stoicism, a school of philosophy. It basically means that you can't stop bad things from happening, but you can stop yourself from being unhappy about them.

Take note of what has occurred and go on. You can worry about it later.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Promote Yourself – Ali

Ali was the greatest of all time, and he didn't hesitate to tell you so! He was always speaking his mind to his opponents, the press, and anybody else who would listen.

This may give the impression that he has a large ego, but he was simply being honest about his beliefs. At the same time, this assisted him in reminding others of his best qualities... particularly his adversaries!

We've all been taught to be modest and humble about our achievements. However, you'll find that the majority of the world's most successful people enjoy bragging about how successful they are. It isn't a coincidence!

5. Be The Last To Get Off The Treadmill – Will Smith

Will Smith is another actor with a meteoric rise to fame. Will went on to become one of Hollywood's highest-paid blockbuster performers after beginning his acting career in a sitcom. He acted in both dramatic and larger roles, and he had a number of other achievements in music and business along the road.

What's the secret of his success? Will attributes his success to "staying on the treadmill the longest." He doesn't think he's the most gifted, but he says he won't stop working until he's done the absolute most he possibly can do.

As a result, even when everyone else has gone home and given up the ghost, he continues to churn and pump out work. This distinguishes him from the competition and gives him a significant competitive advantage.

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